Perhaps the most daunting task in the job search process, besides the actual interview, is making your skills come together on paper and translate to your future employer what an awesome asset you could be for their team. Making sure that you are able to share your skills with an employer will be a big bonus for you in the hiring process, as a polished cover letter will ultimately make you a more appealing candidate. The cover letter is more often than not the first point of contact that your future employer may have with you. It is important to demonstrate your interest in the specific position, and draw an employer into looking further into you as a candidate. Below are three major do’s that you should take into consideration when thinking about crafting a polished cover letter.

Do Tie in Specific Skills That You Possess from the Open Job Description

While you may not possess every skill that was listed in the job description, chances are you do have several different skills that fit the job description. Focus on explaining how the skills you do possess would allow you to be a great asset to the employer’s current team. One thing to keep aware of is making sure you don’t draw attention to the skills you don’t feel that you possess. You should think of your cover letter as a first impression, it is important that you hone in on what you can do and not what you don’t know how to do yet.

Do Highlight What You Can Do for the Company

Of course any job is a great opportunity for resume building, but in your cover letter you should focus your efforts on honing in on what an awesome asset you could be for this new team. While it is important to express your interest in gaining the experience, but make sure you are crafting your words around what you can do for them.

Do Keep it Short and to the Point

While a blank page is sometimes intimidating, it can be difficult to not fill up a page with fluff. The truth is that a hiring manager will most likely read no more than one page cover letter. The typical rule of thumb is to try and keep your cover letter brief and under one page long. Choose your words carefully and purposefully.

Writing your cover is your first impression, incorporating these tips can make for a really powerful cover letter that is sure to make you stand out amongst the crowd and do you justice as a potential employee.