Just like in your personal life, building a new professional relationship takes time and effort. When you feel like your interview has gone well it is important to follow up. Like creating a great resume, the perfect cover letter or learning how to nail questions in an interview, there are few tips and tricks you can follow to make sure you are winning with follow up etiquette.

Make Sure You Follow Up

While this step may seem like it goes without saying, many professionals either completely ignore the follow up process or they wait far to long. It is really important for you to make sure you are being prompt in shooting your interviewer an email or a phone call thanking them for meeting with you. A general rule of the thumb is to follow-up one to two days following your interview. This increases the chances of you making a really lasting impact on your new contact.

Connect on LinkedIn

This is important whether you get the job or not. By simply sending an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, you are working on expanding your professional network. You never know who’s connected to whom, and they may be able to direct you to a new contact that could lead you to a new opportunity, and thus your networking skills grow. In addition, if you have not received word back on the position you want, your interviewer could have an opportunity to browse through more information related to your skills and interests. This is where our LinkedIn series could come in handy for you.

Mention a Memorable Moment

Just like your cover letter and resume, your follow up note should be job specific. In addition to thanking your interviewer it is always an excellent idea to mention something from your conversation, whether it is something you learned about the company or reiterating how you fit into the company mold, make your email or call specific to the employer.

Nailing your follow up can solidify in an employers mind that you take the position seriously and are passionate about working with their team. Following at least one of these tips is sure to increase the level of you follow up game and hopefully help land you a job, or a new connection! Happy job hunting!