In many of our articles we have discussed how to go about applying for a job, building on networking skills and manifesting a great interview. However, what happens when you land the job? Walking into the office for the first time can be both inevitably nerve racking, while also incredibly exciting. Whether it is your first position in an office or you simply made a career change, we are here to offer a few helpful tips to help you navigate a new office culture.

Observation is Key

In your first few days in a new job, you will essentially be showed the general ropes of the office. Make a point to be extra aware of not only the facilities your office has to offer (AKA where the coffee machine is located), but also make sure you are observing the people around the office as well. What are they wearing? Do they bring headphones to work? What is lunch hour like? These are all things that can help you be more prepared in the days to come. Also, in your first few weeks of work your coworkers are bound to notice you as well. Make sure they are observing you for the right reasons, as this will make your transition to the office one of ease.

Smile and Wave Boys, Smile and Wave

I, along with many people I have spoken to, make the huge mistake of forgoing interaction with coworkers. Even if the office culture is a very quiet one, simply saying hello to the people around you can go along way in building office relations. Believe me when I say that while zero human contact may appeal to all of us some days, you are not immune to feeling disconnected from your job. Building even the subtlest relations with your coworkers is a vital part of boosting employee moral.

Do as the Romans Do

While you are walking around the office making your observations, it is important to implement what you observe. For example if everyone in the office is wearing a very professional and conservative outfits, you too should follow suit. Making these small adjustments will help you acclimate to your new surroundings much faster and much easier.

Anytime you start a new position you will have a period of transition, but transition does not have to mean awkward and uncomfortable. Each office will have a completely different vibe that is often built on the foundation of what industry they are in, but these small tips can make a huge difference no matter the office culture.