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Adjusting To Office Culture

In many of our articles we have discussed how to go about applying for a job, building on networking skills and manifesting a great interview. However, what happens when you land the job? Walking into the office for the first time can be both inevitably nerve racking, while also incredibly exciting. Whether it is your . . . Read More

5 Lessons Learned for Creating Balance as a Working Mom

What is it like to be a mom, a wife and a boss? Sometimes it’s amazing and other times it’s a huge struggle. Being fully committed and responsible for communicating the company’s mission and vision as well as leading an extremely talented and accomplished marketing team is clearly a big job. In addition, raising a . . . Read More

The Importance of a Professional Presence on Social Media

Hear tips from Manny Contomanolis from the Rochester Institute of Technology on how to leverage social media in your job search.
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Veteran Job Seekers Should Do a Self-Assessment

Learn why service members should take the time to do a self-assessment when transitioning to the civilian workforce.

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Tips for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Earlier this month, the unemployment rate was reported as holding steady at 5%. For people with disabilities, it’s a much different picture at 12.1%. Disability inclusion has become a priority for many companies, especially in light of the Section 503 changes in 2014. Unfortunately myths and unspoken concerns about employing people with disabilities continue to create employment barriers. Deane Osner of Member company Shaw Industries doesn’t want job seekers with disabilities to give up. In fact, he’s encouraging them to address the challenge by helping to educate employers. Here’s what he had to say:

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Celebrating Survivorship: Christina’s Story

The following blog post originally appeared on Member J.B. Hunt’s LinkedIn Career page and being shared with permission. When Christina Baggett was two years old, she began experiencing sickness after sickness. Her mom took her big brother in for a check-up one day, and when the doctor came in, he went straight to Christina instead, . . . Read More

Claudia Gordon’s Top 3 Tips for Launching Your Career

The following post is being shared with permission from our friends at Easter Seals. View the original post on EasterSeals.com. Double. That’s the unemployment rate for people with disabilities compared to the rate of unemployment of those without disabilities. 12.9% versus 6.1%, according to June 2014 statistics from the United States Department of Labor. In . . . Read More

5 Resume and Interviewing Tips for People Over 55

The following post is being shared with permission from our friends at Easter Seals. View the original post on EasterSeals.com. There’s no such thing as an ideal age for retirement. Just look at today’s workforce. In the next decade, over 71 million Americans will be 65 years of age and older, and many don’t plan . . . Read More

Navigating the Workforce with Disabilities

The following blog post originally appeared on EasterSeals.com and being shared with permission. A recap of our Facebook chat on launching a career Easter Seals hosted a Facebook panel discussion on launching a career for people with disabilities in October of 2014. Panelists included Patrick Cokley of the Office of Disability Employment Policy; Sara Fair, a . . . Read More

Redeem Your Lunch Hour

At some point during your work day (especially if you’re in a more traditional 9-to-5 setting), you’re going to take a break to eat. You have this chunk of time in the middle of your day called “lunch hour”… so how can you make the most of it? Sure, you need to eat. That’s a given. But that lunch hour can be used for so much more too.

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