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Navigating the Workforce with Disabilities

The following blog post originally appeared on EasterSeals.com and being shared with permission. A recap of our Facebook chat on launching a career Easter Seals hosted a Facebook panel discussion on launching a career for people with disabilities in October of 2014. Panelists included Patrick Cokley of the Office of Disability Employment Policy; Sara Fair, a . . . Read More

Tips for Job Seekers with Disabilities

For over 75 years, our partner Easter Seals Crossroads has been helping individuals with disabilities and special needs, and their families, live better lives. Their workforce development services help people with disabilities learn skills to successfully enter the workforce, or to return to work after an illness or injury. We asked Carol Salter, Assistant VP of Workforce Development Solutions at Easter Seals, what advice she would share with job seekers with disabilities. Here’s what she had to say:

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Advice for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Interview with James Emmett, CLIICC Center

Are you a person with a disability looking for employment? Disability consultant James Emmett with CLIICC Center addresses how he overcame his disability and found a job he was passionate about. Discover how by matching your skill set with an interest you find enjoyable can make a world of difference during your job search.

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