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Redeem Your Lunch Hour

At some point during your work day (especially if you’re in a more traditional 9-to-5 setting), you’re going to take a break to eat. You have this chunk of time in the middle of your day called “lunch hour”… so how can you make the most of it? Sure, you need to eat. That’s a given. But that lunch hour can be used for so much more too.

Why You Make Your Salary

Everyone in the working world knows that salaries are important—money makes the world go around whether we like that fact or not. What you may not know, however, is why exactly you make the salary that you make. Different positions have different salary rates, but why is that?

The Trait Which Makes You Most Promotable

Is there a common character trait of people who are highly promotable? And if there is what is it? Curiosity is the trait that will catapult you into promotion after promotion.

When Should You Get Your Master’s Degree?

The following post originally appeared on the Jobipedia blog and is being shared with permission from the HR Policy Foundation. When is the right time to sign off on at least a couple more years of school, and tens of thousands in tuition expenses? Furthering your formal education almost always pays immediate dividends, but the . . . Read More

How to Change Careers

Changing careers is common for many people. Whether you’ve simply discovered you actually hate your current career path or your industry has made it impossible for you to continue being employed. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your twenties or fifties, when you change careers it often means starting over.

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